Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register?

Anyone can register to bid at this time, but as inventory grows we will shift our focus to repeat wholesale customers with state issued dealers licenses.

What is the cost of Registration?

Zero. We are focused on building a loyal customer base and we are not charging registration fees at this time.

How does DamageLink acquire these vehicles?

These vehicles are purchased directly from owners who have been in an accident and have chosen to resell their vehicle instead of repair it. We also have contracts with auto leasing companies and self-insured companies to remarket their damaged vehicles.

Where are the vehicles located?

DamageLink has an exclusive broker, 74 Auto, located in Sikeston, Missouri. This central Midwest location provides economical transport anywhere within the United States as well as moving vehicles to any coastal port.

Will Damagelink arrange shipping to my location?

Yes, the vehicles are located at 74 Auto. This team of dispatchers has coordinated the shipment of more than 15,000 vehicles. They are experienced in moving vehicles for the lowest prices possible and have access to the largest fleet of transport trucks in the United States.

Does Damagelink guarantee a clean title for every vehicle?

Yes, we guarantee very vehicle sold will have a clean title and they will also be sold with the Carfax Guarantee. Some vehicles will have an accident report.

What is the sales process and what forms of payment are accepted?

Payments will be made to 74 Auto. The specific sales process and payment instructions are on the FAQ page at

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